Swedish Pavilion at Habitat 3

The Swedish Pavillion at the Habitat 3 in Quito, Equador was formed as The Global Goals Lab and developed in collaboration with Global Utmaning, Quantified Planet and with graphic design by Trollbäck + Company. The exhibition show-cases how data can be used and collected to support sustainable urban development globally and the implementation of the 2030 Agenda. It shows how data from a range of stakeholders can answer to the Sustainable Development Goal 11 indicators – both in the implementation of sustainable urban development and in the follow-up of the goals. It also puts focus on other goals that reflect the priorities for Swedish foreign policy and Presidency of the United Nations Security Council: gender equality (SDG 5) and climate action (SDG 13).
Included in the exhibition where our projects Birdsnest and KIKA Landsort.

Architects: Fredric Benesch, Katarina Lundeberg
Collaborators: Clara Blasius
Client: Quantified Planet and Lantmäteriet
Graphic design: Trollbäck + Company
Production: maccconstrucciones S.A.
Photo: Alcuin Stevenson


Status: Completed 2016

https://projects.inpraiseofshadows.se/files/gimgs/th-88_alcuin-stevenson-2000px-2958 red.jpg
https://projects.inpraiseofshadows.se/files/gimgs/th-88_alcuin-stevenson-2000px-2959 red2.jpg
https://projects.inpraiseofshadows.se/files/gimgs/th-88_alcuin-stevenson-2000px-2773 red.jpg
https://projects.inpraiseofshadows.se/files/gimgs/th-88_161007_habitat3 - Picture # 1.jpg

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