Strängnäs Domkyrka Competition Proposal

Two new wings placed by the Cathedrals side entrances gives a new profane axis witch cross the classic seminal axis, Creating a crossroad between for the meeting of the religious and the profane - a place for meeting between people. The program is divided in new and existing buildings to activate the surrounding area as a whole. The separation of program in the two added wings allows for a scale equal to the dominating scale of the built environment surrounding the cathedral. The Cathedrals front entrance is still the the main portal on the site and by activating the side openings, with new wings, the church central role of the site and the town of Stängnäs is enhanced.

Team: Katarina Lundeberg, Fredric Benesch, Daniel Elis Karlsson, Vincent Bourassa, Björk Tryggvadottir, Lovisa Wallgren
Landscape: Thorbjörn Anderssonängnäs_Small.jpgängnäs_IPOS.jpg Norr_Strängnäs_IPOS_smal.jpgängnäs_IPOS_Big_2.jpgör_Strängnäs_IPOS_small.jpg

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