Stockholm Ost & Chark Söder

Store concept for a cheese- and delicates store with a wine bar on Södermalm in Stockholm - Stockholm Ost & Chark Söder. The store is in the base of an apartment house by architects Klemming & Thelaus from 1958 in the busy crossing of Bondegatan and Renstiernas gata. Our concept and choices of materials have been inspired by the clear characteristics of the products of the store regarding, colour, materiality and structure. The structure of cheese can be smooth, grainy, airy or solid, flaky or crumbly. The word structure is also used to describe the characteristics of wine as acid, sweetness, fruitiness, phenols and tannin. Another point of departure has been the structure of the site. The beautiful teak frames and oak benches of the existing windows have been restored and the classic black and white checkered tiled floored has been kept. Together the green colour of the roof and walls creates a base structure acting as backdrop for the furniture, products and details. For added elements we have chosen to work with materials strong in character - birch plywood, oak, brass and leather. Materials also picked for their quality of ageing with beauty.

Team: Katarina Lundeberg, Fredric Benesch, Björk Tryggvadottir,
Daniel Elis Karlsson
Client: Stockholm Ost och Chark Christoffer Mosten
Wood and metal works: Lerch Träinredningar
Builder: Stockholm Bygg och design
Photo: Björn Lofterud Plan_Crop_IPOS.jpg

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