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Local democracy, power over its surroundings. Through history, power has been manifested by verticality, the view from above has often been reserved for economic or political power. In tall buildings that dominate the image of the city, they have been able to look out over the landscape in front of their feet. In a city where power is shared with everyone, the highest point is also open to the many.
The tower of Sege Park is a sign of what we want to accomplish with each other. A wooden core enveloped by a staircase that leads to the viewpoint. Inside the core there is a theater, a round non-hierarchical warm room, which is open and empty. Sege Park's construction companies, together with Malmö Municipality, build a district. The tower is part of the joint investment and, in itself, an exercise in local democracy, for the building actors and the municipality as well as for future housing.

Architects : In Praise of Shadows : Katarina Lundeberg & Fredric Benesch Team: Nora Linnros, Zakarias Samad, Lovisa Wallgren, Vincent Bourassa. section_web_v2.jpg kopia_web.jpgående_web.jpg och sektion 2000_web.jpg sektion 2000_web.jpg

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