The Cords Paris Le Marais

The Cords&Co, a new fashion brand devoted to corduroy commissioned In Praise of Shadows Architects in Stockholm to develop a concept for their physical presence as well as the design for their first set of stores in Stockholm. Paris, London, LA and NY. The first to open with the launch of the brand was Stockholm, Paris and London. The Parisian space is typical of le Marais: a very condensed room open to a narrow street, with a traditional facade painted white. A soft curved MDF wall ows along the right hand wall. The cuts in the MDF create vertical lines, an echo to corduroy. Opposite, the angled mirror wall runs the entire depth of the space. Rather than mirroring the space, the tilted re ections break the views. The neon installation evoke a skate ramp, a subculture to which the history of corduroy is intimately tied.

Architects: Fredric Benesch, Katarina Lundeberg
Collaborator:Vincent Bourassa
Client_ The Cords&Co
Construction: C Erison Shopfitting Limited
Light:Fagerhult Retail
Neon: Sygns
Photo: Björn Lofterud

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